Jill Biden Bombshell News

(DCWatchdog.com) – Another episode in the Biden administration that raises questions about professionalism and security within the White House has been revealed. Michael LaRosa, the former press secretary for First Lady Jill Biden, reportedly engaged in inappropriate conduct regarding security procedures that led to his departure from the White House.

According to insiders speaking to news sites, LaRosa attempted to bring “dates” to a secure floor in a hotel where Joe Biden was staying. This incident occurred during the NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain, in June 2022.

Sources, including a Secret Service member, allege that LaRosa was caught twice trying to bring unvetted individuals to a restricted area, a move considered a security risk to the First Lady.

Despite LaRosa’s claim of a friendly exit to pursue private sector opportunities, insiders suggest a different story. They describe a pattern of behavior marked by chaos, outbursts, and poor judgment, contributing to his forced resignation.

LaRosa’s recent actions post-White House have also drawn attention.

Now a political commentator on networks like MSNBC and CNN, he has been openly critical of the Biden administration.

For instance, he blamed the administration’s staff for not effectively countering GOP attacks on Joe Biden’s integrity and reputation, calling for a team shakeup in light of the President’s low poll numbers.

These revelations paint a picture of internal discord and concerns over judgment and security protocols within the administration.

This whole LaRosa’s public departure scandal and the alleged private relief at his exit only damage the already tarnished reputation of the Democratic candidate ahead of the 2024 election.