HUGE: White House Secret Exposed

The White House

( – In a new government abomination shamelessly targeting Americans’ private lives, the White House has been running a secret surveillance program granting various law enforcement bodies unfettered access to a trove of US phone records, an investigation has revealed.

A clandestine surveillance operation, overseen by the White House, has granted law enforcement agencies across the country access to an immense volume of American phone records, sparking serious concerns about privacy and the legality of such practices.

An investigation by Wired quoted by Breitbart News has uncovered a covert White House surveillance program, Data Analytical Services (DAS), which collaborates with telecommunications giant AT&T.

This program provides federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies with exhaustive analyses of US phone records, encompassing an astonishing scope of data.

DAS, which has been operating for over a decade, annually tracks more than a trillion domestic phone records.

Initially known as Hemisphere, the program employs a technique known as chain analysis.

This approach extends beyond merely examining the direct contacts of criminal suspects; it also investigates the connections of those contacts, thus sweeping up a wide network that often includes individuals with no suspected criminal involvement.

DAS’s methodology starkly contrasts traditional wiretapping practices, which are contingent on obtaining a warrant based on probable cause.

Instead, DAS utilizes AT&T’s extensive records, capturing details such as caller and recipient names, phone numbers, and the timing of calls.

Notably, AT&T voluntarily retains these records for extended periods, a decision that significantly aids law enforcement efforts.

The reach of DAS is vast, with its surveillance network pervading the nation via AT&T’s infrastructure.

The report stresses that, despite its extensive operations, the program has remained largely unknown to the public until recent revelations.

The program’s low profile is further ensured by the White House’s oversight, which is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, thereby limiting public insight into the program’s activities.

Newly leaked documents and public records have shed light on DAS’s extensive utilization in a variety of law enforcement settings.

These records reveal requests for “Hemisphere analysis” aimed at identifying suspects through their social networks, highlighting the program’s comprehensive reach.

Additionally, the leaked files demonstrate the program’s broad acceptance among different law enforcement sectors, with personnel ranging from postal inspectors to parole officers participating in DAS training sessions.