Huge Manhunt Underway For Escaped Killer

( – HAPPENING NOW: Pennsylvania has bolstered its search team in the ongoing urgent manhunt for an escaped murderer.

Lt. Col. George Bivens of the State Police informed the media that as the search enters its 10th day, additional personnel have been mobilized.

Currently, there are “close to 400” officers committed to the operation, he mentioned.

“We’re giving this a very hard push today,” he commented. “And I’m optimistic. We’ll see how the day goes.”

This increase in manpower follows the dismissal of a prison tower guard, who the Associated Press says was responsible for letting inmate Daniel Cavalcante escape under his supervision.

The identity of the guard remains confidential.

The search has now narrowed down to the vicinity of Longwood Gardens, following sightings of Cavalcante there.

Last week, 34-year-old Cavalcante escaped from Chester County Prison while preparing to be moved to a state institution.

AP sources state that he received a life sentence for the murder of his former girlfriend in 2021. The prosecution believes he committed the crime to prevent her from informing the police about his wanted status in Brazil.

Security camera recordings depict Cavalcante navigating two adjacent walls skillfully and reaching the prison roof. Remarkably, he utilized the same escape route as another inmate, Igor Bolt, who had escaped earlier this year from the same detention facility.

“Cavalcante escaped at the same location as Igor Bolt,” shared Chester County Prison’s acting warden, Howard Holland, during a press briefing. “But for Cavalcante, there was razor wire to contend with before reaching the roof.”