Expert: This Will ‘Boomerang’ On Dems

( – Sounding the alarm at the Democrats’ headquarters, a notable pollster expressed concerns about the potential backlash against the Democratic Party following a recent state Supreme Court ruling that may end up hurting the party more than helping their cause.

In a 4-3 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled former President Donald Trump ineligible, a decision that Mark Penn, a renowned pollster amongst Democrats, believes could have unintended consequences.

Speaking to Fox News host Martha MacCallum, Penn warned of a possible “boomerang” effect.

He highlighted that American voters generally prefer to make their own choices and might react negatively to being told who they can or cannot vote for.

This sentiment aligns with a broader theme in American politics about voter autonomy and distrust of perceived top-down interventions in the electoral process.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is Trump’s current standing in the polls. He has been leading President Joe Biden by 2.3% in the RealClearPolitics average of general election polls.

Penn emphasized the precarious nature of the situation for Democrats, given this polling and the potential for backlash.

He called for the Supreme Court to act quickly to avoid further escalation and unrest, drawing parallels to the court’s swift action in cases like Bush v. Gore.

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker also weighed in, predicting a state-by-state legal battle following the court’s decision.

He raised concerns about the rule of law and procedural due process, questioning the fairness of disqualifying Trump without him being found guilty or charged with insurrection.

Whitaker’s comments reflect a broader concern among some legal experts and political figures about judicial overreach and the implications for the democratic process.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling thus opens a Pandora’s box of legal, political, and constitutional questions. The potential impact on the 2024 election, voter perception, and the rule of law continue to be a subject of intense debate and scrutiny.