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The Pain Will Get Worse?!

( - The already embattled US economy operating under President Joe Biden and the respective plight of “Bidenomics” for close to three years now...
Joe Biden

Most Believe THIS About Biden

( - For his 81st birthday, President Joe Biden seems to be getting bad news as presents, as a new survey by a left-wing...
Joe Biden

VIDEO: White House Lies Again

( - As if to properly mark Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, his team has just told the American people a bald-faced lie: namely, that...
Joe Biden

Biden Impeachment Timeline

( - The House Republicans’ impeachment probe into President Joe Biden is in full swing, with numerous depositions coming up – including of Hunter...
Joe Biden

Biden Slams TikTokers Over THIS

( - In a show of the left’s inner rifts, President Joe Biden has seen himself forced to react against a sickening new act...
Donald Trump

Trump Now Doing THIS to DeSantis

( - Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign isn’t taking any chances with the GOP nomination competition as the former president’s team is spending nearly...
Breaking news

BREAKING: Guilty All Charges

( - Much to the satisfaction of the Pelosis and their lefty fans, a man with a history of mental issues who invaded then-House...

Biden Wants Gun Ban for WHO?!

( - In a move that may or may not find support among Second Amendment activists, Joe Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) has lent...

Navy SEAL Investigated WHY?! (Video)

( - In a case of a patriotic American being targeted for his conservative beliefs, a US Navy SEAL is being investigated for “extremist”...

FBI Director’s Urgent Warning (Video)

( - Even top-ranking law enforcement members of Joe Biden’s administration are highly worried by the illegal alien invasion created by Biden as the...

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