BOMBSHELL: Biden May Pull Out

( – In a recent revelation pointing towards the potential volatility of Joe Biden’s political trajectory, Franklin Foer, his biographer, mentioned that it “wouldn’t be a total surprise” if the president chose not to pursue reelection.

Franklin Foer, guesting on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, has penned the forthcoming book, “The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future.”

When host Chuck Todd posed the question regarding the potential of Biden backing out from the 2024 presidential race, Foer responded, “I would say it would, it would be a surprise to me. But it wouldn’t be a total surprise,” as quoted by The Hill.

Foer, a well-known leftist writer with affiliations to The Atlantic and previously with The New Republic, highlighted President Biden’s frequent references to “fate” in conversations about his personal and political journeys.

Although Biden, now 80, has not hinted publicly at any likelihood of stepping back from the 2024 race, recent times have witnessed media coverage about the Democratic Party’s concerns about his age and questions about his capability to lead.

Discussing Biden’s philosophy, Foer mentioned, “Joe Biden is a very religious guy, and fate is a word loaded with religious meaning. He always talks about [how] ‘he can’t say where fate goes.'”

Delving deeper into Biden’s mindset, the biographer added, “And so I always, when I hear that, to me, it’s the ellipses in the sentence when he’s talking about his own future.”

Foer continued, “It doesn’t take Bob Woodward to understand that Joe Biden is old. I’m not a gerontologist, and I can’t predict how the next couple of years will age Joe Biden.”

Throughout his career, Foer posited, Biden has frequently been “underestimated,” a perception he has successfully utilized to his benefit.

Foer’s anticipated book, set to hit shelves this week, focuses on Biden’s initial two years in office. As described by Foer, the narrative delves deep into Biden’s policy execution and political strategies. Characterizing Biden’s work ethic, Foer depicted him as an individual deeply “buried in details.”

Foer described his observations: “He’s somebody who is very technocratic, really obsessed with the intricacies of policy. He’s a very activist president in that he micromanages a lot of the dealings in the White House.”