Biden’s Brain Fails – Again! (VIDEO)

Joe Biden

( – In a brand-new moment exposing Joe Biden’s failing mental acuity, the president misnamed Marine One while also telling a made-up story claiming that then-President Ronald Reagan sent the presidential helicopter to save him in a medical emergency.

You can watch the video below.

Speaking before firefighters in Philadelphia, Biden mistakenly referred to the presidential helicopter as “Air Force Helicopter One.”

He recounted an incident from the 1980s when he suffered a brain aneurysm, alleging that former President Ronald Reagan had dispatched the helicopter to transport him from Delaware to Walter Reed military hospital in Maryland.

However, this anecdote does not align with the details in Biden’s autobiography or Reagan’s daily presidential diary, The New York Post reports.

“President Reagan was nice enough to send Air Force Helicopter One to take me down, but it couldn’t fly,” the president said.

“And so my fire department came up, put me in the back and took me on heavy snow on the day I went down to Walter Reed,” he added.

While his 2007 autobiography, “Promises to Keep,” describes the fire department’s involvement, it does not mention Reagan offering the presidential helicopter.

A search of the records from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library provides no evidence supporting Biden’s claim, The Post points out.

Press reports show that Biden was admitted to Walter Reed on February 12, 1988, but Reagan’s diary for that day does not mention any discussion about sending the helicopter for Biden.

In fact, Reagan himself could not use Marine One that morning because of poor weather, opting for a motorcade instead.

The designation “Marine One” is used for any helicopter carrying the president, similar to “Air Force One” for planes.

The specifics of presidents lending military helicopters for personal favors are not well documented.

Later in his book, Biden mentioned Reagan again, stating that the president sent his doctor to check on him and called him twice during his recovery. These interactions with Reagan differ from the story he recently shared.

The White House has not yet responded to inquiries regarding the accuracy of Biden’s latest rendition of the story.

Biden has previously faced scrutiny for inaccuracies in public statements about his life, including repeatedly telling a debunked story about an Amtrak conductor and inaccurately claiming his uncle received the Purple Heart.