Biden Headed Over Cliff

( – President Joe Biden seems set to fall – and not just on the stairs of Air Force 1 or from his bike at a Delaware beach – but from the highest elected office in the nation as his poll numbers are steadily declining amid his press secretary’s assurances that his reelection campaign is staying the course.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has asserted that there will be no alterations to Biden’s current strategy despite ongoing polls showing him lagging behind former President Donald Trump and other Republican presidential contenders in theoretical electoral matchups.

In recent months, there has been a noticeable decline in President Biden’s popularity, as evidenced by various polls, The Daily Caller notes in a report.

A Gallup poll highlighted a significant drop in Biden’s approval rating among Democrats, which fell 11 points from September to October, reaching a low of 75%.

Additionally, an October Real Clear Politics (RCP) poll indicated that Biden’s overall job approval rating had plummeted to its lowest point since August 2022, standing at 40.5%.

During a press briefing, Ed O’Keefe, CBS News White House correspondent, questioned the administration’s stance in light of these declining ratings.

“Given the president’s sagging poll numbers and the fact that he is currently placing behind any republican opponent, has there been any talk in this White House about a change in strategy or staffing going forward in reflection of those numbers that continue to show him underwater?” he asked.

“No,” Jean-Pierre replied succinctly.

Notably, President Biden is falling behind Trump in crucial swing state polls. A recent Emerson College poll places Trump ahead nationally, with a 47% to 43% lead over Biden.

This represents an increase from an October poll that showed Trump leading 47% to 45%.

Another poll by Messenger/HarrisX also found Trump leading Biden among registered voters, with a margin of 47% to 40%.

Despite concerns over Biden’s age and his bad polling figures, some of his allies are urging party members to rally behind him.

“We gotta pipe down the moaning and groaning and all the whining. There’s too much of that,” former Democrat New York Rep. Joe Crowley told The Hill.

“I think that leaches into the psyche of the voters as well. That’s got to stop, and I think at that point, you’ll start to see Biden’s numbers improve, certainly amongst Democrats, but I think voter-wide they’ll start to improve,” he argued.