Biden Gets Bad News

( – In a development boding very bad for Joe Biden’s reelection hopes, a new poll has found he polls very low with Americans on vital issues, such as inflation and immigration – so much so that even a pro-left CNN anchor has raised the alarm that this is “not good” for the president.

CNN’s Dana Bash expressed concern on Thursday following the release of a new poll showing President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings on crucial issues, The Daily Caller reports.

A Monmouth University Poll conducted between Nov. 30 and Dec. 4 revealed that Biden holds a 26% approval rating on immigration and a 28% approval rating on inflation.

“You look at the issues and how he fares: infrastructure, jobs, climate change, inflation, immigration — he is now [at] 26%. That is not good,” Bash commented.

“It’s not good at all,” CNN political analyst Seung Min Kim concurred.

“And I think that part of the trip yesterday to Mexico by senior Biden administration officials was obviously to have these diplomatic conversations, but also to make the broader administration’s point that this is a regional issue that requires regional cooperation and sort of trying to blunt the criticism from Republicans that you’re hearing over and over saying that these were Biden’s border policies that’s causing these numbers at the border,” Kim added.

At the same time, she noted that Biden could soon be making changes in his immigration policies.

“But that certainly doesn’t change the fact that he’s under considerable political pressure over immigration and that his administration is probably preparing to make some significant compromises on immigration next month.”

The Biden administration has indicated a readiness to negotiate with Republicans on reinstating several Trump-era migrant policies in return for additional aid to Ukraine, which is resisting the aggression of Putin’s Russia.

Bash then pointed out that mayors of major Democratic cities are also raising concerns and urging the federal government to take more action to assist cities overwhelmed by migrants.

“The strategy that these red state governors have had of sending a lot of these migrants up to blue states has worked from a political perspective,” CNN’s Kasie Hunt remarked.

“And it is very, very hard for these cities to absorb them. And the Biden team, I think, knows that or they wouldn’t be willing to make these concessions in these policy negotiations they’re having with Capitol Hill,” she added.