VIDEO: Whoopi Thinks THIS Is Funny?

( – In a sickening leftist rant, notorious The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg has laughed off reports that President Joe Biden’s German shepherd dog Commander has bitten people dozens of times, while her colleague mocked Republicans by saying they would blame it on Hunter Biden.

See the video below.

According to US Secret Service data, the president’s dog has been involved in at least 24 biting attacks.

Goldberg and the other four hosts of the ABC News program “The View” laughed and cracked jokes about the reports, with the actress claiming the dog must be seeing something that people do not.

“A Secret Service report was just released … about a Biden family member …” Goldberg began, trying hard to contain her laughter.

“… Who’s caused a lot of controversy at the White House: their dog. His name is Commander. The report found that there were at least 24 incidents of him biting folks,” she said further.

Goldberg speculated on what Commander might have perceived that others did not. She showed a photo of the dog displayed behind the discussion table.

“Well, it makes you wonder. What did he see that nobody else saw?” Goldberg said.

The audience’s reaction to the photo led co-host Sara Haines to highlight the severity of Commander’s actions

“You must have missed the 24-bite part of this story when you ‘awwwww,’” Haines said.

“He’s like, ‘I know you got something in your pocket! I don’t know what it is, you can say it’s your hand,’” Goldberg continued in mocking tones. “‘Let me check!’ And he checked, and it was the guy’s hand,” Goldberg replied.

Joy Behar joined the banter, questioning if there was a way for Commander’s conduct to be attributed to scandalous First Son Hunter Biden by his critics.

Haines remarked on the seriousness of biting incidents.

“How does it last 24 bites? Cause you have a lot of one-bite rules in states,” she wondered.

Goldberg then shifted the focus back to Commander’s commanding presence, suggested by his name and appearance.

“Listen to his name, Commander,” another co-host, Sunny Hostin, agreed.

“If I was President Biden in the world that we’re living in, I’d have a dog that wasn’t playing too,” Goldberg concluded.