US Airman Found Guilty

( – In recent events that confirmed America has been left unprotected in the hands of the Biden administration, a U.S. airman accused of leaking top secret Pentagon documents admitted guilt in federal court.

Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira agreed to a roughly 16-year imprisonment deal to avoid more severe espionage charges.

Dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, Teixeira pleaded guilty to six counts of willful transmission of national defense information. However, the deal worked out between prosecutors and Teixeira’s disgraced legal team, excludes espionage charges.

Teixeira will be sentenced to up to 16 years and eight months under the deal and must pay a fine of $50,000 fine. Likewise, Teixeira is also mandated to assist intelligence officials in understanding the scope and impact of his disclosures.

The U.S. airman IT specialist was arrested in April for allegedly scheming a substantial leak of U.S. classified documents, some of which pertained to the war in Ukraine. This security violation was considered one of the most significant breaches since Edward Snowden’s 2013 NSA document release.

Teixeira might face potential life imprisonment under the Espionage Act, and he responded to the presiding judge’s inquiry and stated that he had no dispute with the evidence and confirmed awareness of the classified nature of the documents.

Teixeira was accused of posting these documents in mid-March 2023 to a private Discord chat group. Subsequently, the files surfaced on various platforms, which included Twitter, 4Chan, and Telegram.

The leaked documents disclosed U.S. concerns about Ukraine’s military capabilities against invading Russia forces, and suggested Washington had spied on allies Israel and South Korea.

In May 2023, a judge ordered that Teixeira remain in jail after prosecutors stated that he posed an ongoing risk to American national security.

Furthermore, prosecutors expressed that Teixeira might still have access to classified documents, and that “hostile” nations could aid his escape if he was released from prison.

To continue their concerns, prosecutors said that Teixeira had a history of making “violent” statements. In a November 2022 social media post he expressed a desire to “kill a ton of people,” and justified it as “culling the weak-minded.”

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