Trump Opens Huge Lead in Key State

(—Creating a historic moment among the Republican Party and MAGA supporters, former President Donald Trump holds a huge lead over Joe Biden in Michigan—a state that could be the tipping point in the Electoral College.

As per a recent CNN poll, Trump is leading the race with a margin of 50 % to 42 %.

Meanwhile, the GOP frontrunner and the 81-year-old Democrat are tied in Pennsylvania, with both standing at 46 %.

Showcasing the breakdown of the poll results in these key states, 46 % of Michigan voters express contentment with their presidential options, while 47 % in Pennsylvania feel similarly.

In Michigan, 45 % of independent voters remain undecided on their choice, with 41 % of voters under 35 feeling the same.

Furthermore, in Pennsylvania, 32 % of independents and 34 % of young voters remain undecided.

A significant majority in Michigan, which comprises 54 % of voters, believe the beloved Republican would bring fundamental change to the country and will take immediate actions in terms of the border crisis if re-elected while only 25 % think the same of Biden but are not certain about his willingness to truly fix the country.

In Pennsylvania, 57 % share this sentiment about Trump compared to 22 % for Biden.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) conducted the polls from March 13 to 16 and surveyed 1,097 individuals in Michigan and 1,132 in Pennsylvania.

The margin of error stands at plus or minus 3.6 % points for Michigan and 3.8 % points for Pennsylvania.

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