Trump Moves Ahead in Two Key States

Donald Trump

( – Underscoring that former President Donald Trump is getting closer to becoming the next President of the United States, recent polling revealed that Trump holds a lead over Joe Biden in two key states.

Arizona and Nevada are the states the GOP frontrunner and Joe Biden are setting the stage for a potentially tight rematch come election time.

A new Emerson College Polling/KLAS-TV/The Hill poll shows Trump ahead by three points, with 44 % of the vote, compared to Biden’s 41 % in Nevada. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Trump maintains a four-point lead with 48 % support, while Biden trails at 44%, which leaves 8 % of voters undecided.

When considering undecided voters’ leanings, Biden closes the gap in Nevada, which reaches 49 %, while Trump remains ahead at 51 %. In Arizona, Trump maintains his four-point lead, with 52 % support to Biden’s 48 %.

Independents in Arizona are pivotal, and Trump leads among them by four points with 45 % backing him compared to Biden’s 41 %.

In Nevada, Hispanic voters favor Biden by a margin of 44 % to 39 % over Trump, while Trump performs better among white voters.

These early poll results suggest that the battleground states could witness tight races in the upcoming election.

Biden is actively campaigning in Nevada and Arizona this week to bolster his support in the Western region. He emerged victorious in Nevada’s Democratic primary last month while Trump secured all GOP delegates in the state.

Although both candidates have secured the necessary delegates for their respective party nominations, there are still upcoming primary and caucus contests before the summer conventions.

Despite the nomination certainty, many voters expressed anxiety about a rematch with concerns that ranged from Biden’s age to Trump’s legal challenges.

Support for Trump among Arizona voters is primarily driven by specific issues or personal affinity, with 33 % citing issues and 30 % expressing a preference for Trump.

Similar trends are observed in Nevada, with 35 % of Trump supporters citing issues and 25 % favoring Trump personally while 42 % of Biden supporters in Nevada oppose Trump.

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