They Found Her Gun Where?!

( – In a concerning and confusing turn of events, a mother has been criminally charged after daycare personnel stumbled upon a handgun hidden within her 2-year-old son’s lunchbox.

According to Florida authorities, a teacher at Jackson’s Daycare Center in Riviera Beach discovered the gun, and now 39-year-old Shanae Davis now faces serious accusations, which included permitting a minor to access a firearm and neglecting her child’s safety.

According to police documents, these startling findings stirred concern among the teachers, and parents who learned of the matter were equally shocked.

“It’s scary,” Stephenne Warembourg told the outlet. “I mean, you know when I’m sending my kid to school thinking that he’s going to be safe? I mean, are they? I don’t know.”

As per the Riviera Beach Police Department, Davis admitted to investigators that the gun belonged to her and that she typically stores it in her vehicle’s glove compartment.

However, due to recent break-ins at her apartment complex, she had taken to carrying the gun inside her residence.

Court records indicated that on the night of March 14, Davis packed the gun in her son’s lunchbox to bring it indoors since she does not carry a purse. Regrettably, she forgot to remove it the next morning.

Subsequently, police were summoned to the daycare facility, which led to Davis’ prompt arrest. Yet, according to records from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the mother was released on Friday, March 15, after posting bail.

Telemundo Miami reported that the daycare owner opted not to press charges against the mother, although the state prosecutor’s office decided otherwise.

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