Report ‘Devastating’ for Biden

Joe Biden

( – In a complex situation involving Joe Biden and his past endeavors, United States Congresswoman Laurel Lee has reviewed the entire report of Special Counsel Robert Hur, and the findings are absolutely devastating for the Democrat frontrunner.

Hur’s report concluded that Biden should not face criminal charges for his handling of sensitive governmental information during his tenure as vice president. However it has raised additional concerns regarding Biden’s mental fitness and competency.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, Lee anticipated Hur’s testimony and expressed her views on the matter during “Wake Up America.”

She expressed, “Is there evidence that he committed these crimes? I think it is uncontroverted that there is. I don’t think there’s any dispute that he actually had these documents that he shouldn’t have had.”

“…[t]hat he disclosed them to people who should never have had any information about their contents, that they were very sensitive and important documents related to our national security,” she continued.

Lee underscored the implication of the findings and asserted their relevance not only to Congress but to all Americans regarding the competency of the commander-in-chief and his suitability for the White House’s responsibilities.

“He is the person for whom we now have findings from this special counsel that he may not be in a mental state to remember what he’s doing.”

She continued while expressing her discomfort, “Remember that if these documents are not classified, who are you supposed to be sharing them with?”

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