Protesters Swarm Biden’s Hotel

Joe Biden

( – In a notable turn of events, President Joe Biden is increasingly coming under fire from his own side of the political divide as a large group of pro-Islamist terrorism and anti-Israel protesters gathered outside his hotel in Dallas, urging him to cut off US military aid to the Jewish State.

On Thursday morning, President Biden encountered a rally of leftists threatening to withdraw their electoral support unless there is a shift in his administration’s stance regarding the Gaza Strip, where Israel is fighting to destroy the Palestinian Arab terror group Hamas.

These demonstrators displayed placards advocating for a halt in the hostilities between Israel and Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, a slender 3-mile-wide Palestinian territory, amidst growing humanitarian concerns surrounding Israel’s potential ground offensive into Rafah.

Their banners also included messages such as “In November, we will remember,” hinting at the protestors’ vow to remember their grievances when voting in 2024 and withholding their support for Biden.

They voiced chants like “If we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no sleep,” echoed around as the protestors brandished Palestinian flags and beat on pots.

For months, Biden, aged 81, has faced a barrage of anti-Israel protests, where demonstrators have sometimes labeled him “Genocide Joe.”

In early March, a group attempted to impede his journey to Congress for the State of the Union address by occupying Pennsylvania Avenue, and similar disruptions have occurred across the nation, with protestors interrupting his speeches and parading through hotel lobbies.

This sentiment of discontent with the Biden administration’s policies on Gaza predominantly emanates from within the Democratic Party.

Nationwide, protest groups have urged voters to express their discontent in the primaries by selecting “uncommitted” on the ballot rather than endorsing Biden.

This approach led to a significant number of “uncommitted” votes in primary elections in states like Michigan and Minnesota.

The administration has consistently defended Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas following the latter’s extensive assault on October 7, which resulted in over 1,400 fatalities.

Despite this support for Israel, the White House has expressed concerns about the feasibility of an invasion of Rafah, a city along Gaza’s southern border, without incurring substantial civilian casualties.

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