Political Violence Hits Candidate

(DCWatchdog.com) – We’re in the very first month of 2024, and violent acts against political figures in the year of the most anticipated election of the 21st century are sadly just beginning, raising major concerns about political fanatism from some people.

The recent incident outside Portland mayoral candidate and City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez’s home, where a car belonging to his family member was set ablaze, is raising serious concerns about politically motivated violence.

Investigators are currently considering the possibility of arson in this unsettling event.

Gonzalez, a Democrat known for his firm stance on law enforcement and homelessness issues, has been a vocal advocate for increasing police funding and addressing the city’s homelessness crisis.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt strongly condemned the incident, emphasizing that political violence and vandalism are completely unacceptable. He assured the public that if the fire is confirmed as arson, the authorities will pursue and prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

Gonzalez expressed his gratitude towards Portland Fire & Rescue for their prompt and effective response, which prevented the fire from spreading and causing further damage. He highlighted the importance of community safety, especially in neighborhoods with families and seniors.

Gonzalez’s moderate stance, particularly in the context of Portland’s political landscape, sets him apart in the race to replace the current Mayor Ted Wheeler in 2024.

His approach, focused on hiring more police officers, increasing arrests for crimes like shoplifting and trespassing, and providing shelter for the homeless, contrasts with the policies of some of his far-left counterparts.

Gonzalez’s commitment to reopening schools during COVID and his insistence on accountability for crimes, regardless of the perpetrator’s circumstances, has sparked controversy among some of his fellow Democrats.

His comment to Oregon Public Broadcasting in 2022, stating that anyone committing crimes in Portland would face the criminal justice system, reflects his tough stance on crime and order.