NOW: Hunter Is One Step Closer To Prison

( – Pleasing the millions of Americans who believe the Biden family are criminals who deserve to be in prison to stop ruining America, a judge decided that Hunter Biden’s trial on three federal gun charges is tentatively scheduled to start on June 3.

According to a New York Post report, U.S. district judge Maryellen Noreika established the trial’s start date during a status conference with Hunter Biden’s legal team and special counsel David Weiss’s group of prosecutors.

In September, a federal grand jury in Delaware indicted Hunter Biden on three felony counts linked to a firearm he bought in 2018 amid his battle with drug addiction.

Moreover, two of these charges are for false statements Hunter Biden made about his drug addiction while purchasing the firearm. He also faces an additional charge for purportedly possessing the firearm for eleven days during his drug addiction period.

These felonies carry a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. Last November, Hunter Biden authored an op-ed for USA Today when he downplayed the gun charges and accused his adversaries of exploiting his drug addiction.

Hunter Biden’s memoir, Beautiful Things, recounts his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, and Weiss and his prosecution team have cited some of the book’s details in pretrial court filings trying to dismiss Hunter Biden’s efforts for the gun charges.

Joe Biden is a fervent advocate of gun-control measures and opposes the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen Second Amendment case which Hunter Biden’s defense team used to argue his prosecution’s unconstitutionality.

His lawyers contended that the pretrial diversion agreement for a single felony gun offense, coupled with a guilty plea deal on two tax misdemeanors, would grant Hunter Biden immunity.

However, both agreements fell through in July due to a dispute between Hunter Biden’s legal team and the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office over an immunity clause embedded in the diversion agreement.

Additionally, Hunter’s legal team alleged that an unlawfully appointed special counsel targeted the prosecution.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, an appointee of Joe Biden, designated Weiss as special counsel in August following the collapse of the guilty plea deal and diversion agreement.

The gun trial is poised to become a significant concern for Joe Biden’s reelection bid against GOP front-runner former president Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden faces nine federal tax charges in California, where he is also slated to stand trial starting in late June.

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