Most Americans Agree With Trump’s Challenge

( – Once again, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are clashing before the most anticipated 2024 election, and once again, Trump hits Biden where it hurts the most, and most American citizens side with Trump on this one.

Former President Donald Trump has once again raised concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities calling for him to undergo a cognitive test.

This comes just hours after White House Dr. Kevin O’Connor affirmed Biden’s fitness to serve following his annual physical exam.

Trump, 77, took to Truth Social to express his views, stating, “Crooked Joe Biden must take a Cognitive Test. Maybe that way we would be able to find out why he makes such terrible decisions. I took two of them, and ACED them both (no mistakes!). All Presidents, or people wanting to become President, should mandatorily take this test!”

In response to Trump’s call for a cognitive test, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Biden, stating, “The president doesn’t need a cognitive test. That is not my assessment. That is the assessment of the president’s doctor. That is also the assessment of the neurologist who has also made that assessment as well.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized Biden’s mental acuity, with the most recent instance being his portrayal of Biden having trouble knowing where to go after speaking at an event.

Biden, in turn, fired back at Trump’s age-related criticisms during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Myers,” highlighting Trump’s own age and purported memory lapses. Biden said, “You gotta take a look at the other guy. He’s about as old as I am, but he can’t even remember his wife’s name.”

Biden’s claim likely referred to a speech Trump gave at CPAC where he mentioned Mercedes Schlapp while talking about Melania Trump. Trump clarified the incident in a video message, emphasizing that his mention of Mercedes Schlapp was not a mix-up regarding Melania’s identity.

The political debate only goes higher each time either Biden or Trump mentions each other, and the fight to see whose cognitive abilities are the finest remains the most discussed topic.

It’s no secret that Biden made multiple mistakes in interviews, speeches, and similar over the last years of his time in office, and more and more people have started to realize that someone like him should not have another mandate as the president of the most important country of the world.