Lib Gov: We’re Overwhelmed By Illegals – Video

Illegal crossings

( – In a telling leftist admission, yet one that’s hardly comforting for American patriots and conservatives, New York’s Democrat Governor, Kathy Hochul, has declared that her state is “absolutely overwhelmed” by the illegal immigrants invading the nation.

At the same time, Hochul didn’t miss the chance to blame the devastating crisis on the Republican Party after the GOP recently rejected the Democrats’ questionable border security bill.

Amid an eight-point decline in her net favorability rating, the NY governor shared these thoughts during a conversation with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, a host with a well-known leftist stance.

“I still believe that there can be bipartisan solutions. The institution [of Congress] is capable of it if you get the right people in there. And I’m going to work to make sure that we have the right people in there,” Hochul declared, cited by The Daly Wire.

“And also even before next November’s election when I believe we will pick up the House, the Republicans in the state of New York, and there are ten of them, they have the power to caucus together, march down to Speaker [Mike] Johnson’s office and say, ‘we demand that you do something about the border, bring it to the floor and we will support it,’” she elaborated.

More than 10 million illegal aliens have jumped the Southern Border since President Joe Biden occupied the White House three years ago.

Hochul squarely placed the blame for the border crisis on the shoulders of Republicans, insisting that this issue would significantly impact them in the November election.

“Use the power that has been given to you, because we are being so affected,” she continued. “We have 175,000 migrants who came here — they came here for a better life, they came here for a job,” the leftist governor said.

“But our city and its resources are absolutely overwhelmed. We need a break. I’m working to get people jobs. They’re here. I’m going to make them work and get them jobs,” she admitted before charging again at the GOP.

“But until then, we need some relief at the border, and those Republicans, even in one state like New York, ten of them can make this happen. And if they don’t, this will be a wedge issue, a forceful issue against them this November as well. So I’m putting them on notice, you broke it, you now own it,” Hochul concluded.