Journalist Who Outed Tucker Carlson Arrested

( – 45-year-old Tim Burke has been charged with 14 federal crimes related to hacking into Fox News’ computer systems.

Burke allegedly worked with another person to use stolen login details to access and leak videos of Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News star. The leaked content was stored on a server, as revealed in a direct message on Twitter by Burke’s partner in crime. This server was described as the main spot for all their footage shared on social media or sent to partners.

Burke, who is the founder of Burke Communications, was arrested and appeared in court. His wife, a City Council member, expressed her support and confidence in his innocence, stating, “I am confident in my husband’s innocence, and I support him completely,” and chose not to comment further.

The charges against Burke include one count of conspiracy, six counts of unauthorized access to a protected computer, and seven counts of intercepting or disclosing communications. These charges come after FBI agents raided Burke’s home last year, seizing equipment used in his media business.

The investigation gained momentum after videos of Carlson, showing him making controversial remarks, were leaked just before his firing from Fox News. These videos also included footage of Kanye West making antisemitic comments.

Though the indictment does not specifically name Fox News or Carlson, it references a video from a “multinational media company based in New York City” on the date Carlson’s interview with West was broadcast.

Burke and his legal defense insist that the accessed videos were obtained through a public hyperlink to live feeds that were neither password-protected nor encrypted, claiming, “It’s not hacking, it’s just good investigative journalism,” as per Burke’s attorney, Michael Maddux. Maddux also stated, “We obviously emphatically deny these charges and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to defend him and exonerate him.”

Prosecutors sought a $30,000 bond for Burke and proposed restrictions on his internet use which Maddux argued would interfere with Burke’s job. Ultimately Burke was released with the stipulation that he must not contact his alleged accomplice.