Giuliani Slams Fani Willis Ruling

( – Drawing attention to a now uncomfortable legal position that will persist for a long time and overshadow what’s left of her career, former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani expressed his disbelief at Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling, which will permit Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to stay on the Donald Trump election interference case in Georgia.

Giuliani emphasized that this situation could not possibly be the right ruling.

Likewise, he highlighted the collaboration between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade and compared their involvement to partners in a crime. He stressed Willis’s alleged dishonesty, which included her admission of misusing campaign funds and he felt the judge overlooked.

He also said that Willis “[a]ctually admitted taking campaign funds and using them for personal use, which the judge, showing his bias, completely ignored.”

“I’ve been before many, many judges, and when somebody admits a crime like that, which is pretty startling and almost stupid to admit it, the judge says, What? You took campaign funds? OK, let’s stop now and start an investigation. She admitted a straight-out crime,” he continued.

Giuliani questioned the fairness of the ruling and pointed out discrepancies in how McAfee treated Wade and Willis. He suggested that either both should remain or both should be removed from the case and emphasized Willis’s role as the primary wrongdoer due to her position as a public official.

McAfee ordered Willis to remove Wade from the case or step aside as their romantic relationship gives an “appearance of impropriety.”

Giuliani also raised concerns about Wade’s alleged visits to the White House and McAfee’s failure to recuse himself despite his past association with Willis.

Giuliani speculated about Willis’s motives, which suggested that she involved Wade not only as a romantic partner but also as a confidante to carry out dubious actions at the White House. He criticized McAfee’s ties to Willis and questioned the judge’s impartiality.

In Giuliani’s view, the connections and actions surrounding the case raised suspicions of manipulation particularly by the Biden administration. He concluded by asserting that the situation was deeply problematic and predicted that the case would eventually be discredited.

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