DOJ Wants Trump Advisor Jailed

( – The legal persecution that former members of the presidential administration of Donald Trump suffer every day has reached yet another victim, and the timing can’t be more suspect with the United States approaching the most important election of the 21st century.

The Department of Justice’s recommendation for a six-month jail sentence and a $200,000 fine for Peter Navarro, former trade advisor to then-President Trump, raises questions about the consistency and fairness in applying justice.

The memo of the DOJ cites that “Respect for the rule of law is essential to the functioning of the United States government and to preserving the freedom and good order this country has enjoyed for more than two centuries,” and it continues. “This Court should impose a sentence of six months’ imprisonment, reflecting the most severe Guidelines-compliant punishment available, and fine the Defendant $200,000.”

This move, stemming from Navarro’s non-compliance with a Jan. 6 select committee subpoena, can be seen through a lens that scrutinizes the motivations and implications of such a harsh penalty.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Aloi, in the memo, pointedly noted Navarro’s preference for political allegiance over legal obligation, drawing a parallel between his actions and those of the Capitol rioters.

The DOJ’s stance is clear: Navarro’s refusal to cooperate with the congressional investigation is a serious offense warranting significant penalty.

This development comes as House Republicans consider similar action against Hunter Biden, who initially defied a subpoena for his deposition.

Majority Leader Steve Scalise had announced a vote on holding Biden in contempt of Congress. However, Biden has since agreed to a closed-door deposition, leaving the necessity of the vote in question.

Navarro’s legal team has not issued a comment on this latest development.