BOMBSHELL: Judge Sides With Trump?!

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

( – In a remarkable new sign that the leftist judicial repression onslaught against Donald Trump is starting to crumble, the judge overseeing the former president’s classified documents trial has questioned why he is the only former president to have ever faced such charges.

Judge Aileen Cannon, the judge presiding over the legal proceedings against Trump in Florida, raised questions during a Thursday session about why no other president of the United States had ever been accused of mishandling classified materials, The Daily Caller reports, citing NBC News.

Her remarks came after Trump’s legal team mentioned the report by special counsel Robert Hur, which identified evidence that President Joe Biden intentionally retained classified documents but opted not to prosecute him due to his old age and apparent memory issues.

“Even with other former presidents, there was never a situation remotely similar to this one,” stated prosecutor Jay Bratt to Cannon, cited by CNN.

During Special Counsel Robert Hur’s presentation to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, aimed at justifying his report, Republicans raised the issue of perceived unequal treatment in prosecuting Trump but not Biden.

Special Counsel Jack Smith had previously referenced Hur’s findings in contesting Trump’s plea for dismissal on grounds of “selective and vindictive prosecution.”

“Most notably, Trump, unlike Biden, is alleged to have undertaken widespread and repeated actions to obstruct justice and impede the recovery of documents marked as classified,” Smith documented in his response.

Concerning Trump’s additional pleas, Cannon during the hearing labeled it as an “extraordinary step” to discard the case based on Trump’s argument that the law underpinning his indictment is “unconstitutionally vague.”

She also deliberated whether it would be “premature” to conclude the case based on the Presidential Records Act.

The judge thus hinted at a contention over whether the documents were identified as personal, as Trump asserts.

The classified documents case is one of the four Democrat-led criminal indictments faced by the 45th president of the United States, and one of the two federal ones.

In another federal case, he is accused of seeking to overturn the 2020 election results.

The two other indictments are by Democrat district attorneys – for allegedly trying to subvert the 2020 elections in Georgia, and for allegedly paying hush money to an adult film actress to cover up a supposed affair.

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