Biden: ‘Not Nearly Enough’

Joe Biden

( – In a declaration likely to enrage both conservative Americans and US ally Israel, President Joe Biden has stated that foreign aid arriving to the Palestinian Arab territory of Gaza is “not nearly enough,” which is why the US government has carried out an airdrop of supplies.

See the president’s X post below!

The Gaza Strip, which has been controlled by the Islamist terrorist group Hamas since 2005, is presently seeing a massive Israeli anti-terror military operation.

Israel counter-attacked after, on October 7, Hamas invaded it and sadistically butchered over 1,400 people.

Against this backdrop, on Saturday, President Biden wrote on the social media platform X that providing aid to Gaza is currently insufficient but affirmed a steadfast commitment to enhancing these efforts.

“Together with Jordan, the United States airdropped the first package of aid into Gaza today,” Biden announced.

“The amount of aid flowing to Gaza is not nearly enough and we will continue to pull out every stop we can to get more aid in,” he added.

This initiative, as detailed by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), involved a partnership with the Jordanian air force, culminating in the successful delivery of over 38,000 meals along Gaza’s coastline.

CENTCOM disclosed through a post on X its ongoing strategic planning for potential subsequent airdrop missions,

It said Saturday’s operation was “part of a sustained effort to get more aid into Gaza, including by expanding the flow of aid through land corridors and routes.”

A recent report by pro-left news site Axios has revealed that the US administration had only recently begun to explore the feasibility of channeling humanitarian aid to Gaza.

This consideration became viable following Jordan’s efficacious execution of airdrops in collaboration with Egypt and France.

Simultaneously, President Biden has been vigorously advocating for a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

An official from the Biden administration conveyed to the press that the Israeli government has, in principle, agreed to a proposed six-week ceasefire that would release the approximately 100 Israelis believed to be in Hamas’s custody.

Moreover, the ceasefire is envisioned to create an opportunity for Israel to increase the influx of aid into Gaza.

On Sunday, Israel refused to take part in ceasefire talks in Cairo after Hamas did not reveal which hostages were still alive.