Biden Gets Rare Good News

Joe Biden

( – In what seems uncommonly good news for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden is narrowing the gap against Republican nominee former President Donald Trump in six of seven crucial swing states.

According to a newly released Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, Biden is even leading in at least two swing states.

Bloomberg News reports that “Trump still came out on top when the seven states were combined, by 47 % to 43 %.” Further, adding third-party candidates, Trump maintains his lead with 43 % compared to Biden’s 38 %.

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expected to announce his running mate choice soon, gained 9 % while Cornell West and Jill Stein each secured 1 %.

The most significant gains were in Wisconsin, where Biden surpassed Trump by one point after trailing by four points last month, and in Pennsylvania, where they are now tied after Trump led by six points.

The poll surveyed 4,932 registered voters from March 8-15 in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina, with a margin of error of 1 %.

While Biden did best in traditionally Democratic “blue wall” states, he also made gains in Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina, while he spread his lead in Georgia.

Over one-third of voters reported seeing positive news about Biden following his State of the Union speech, which may have eased concerns about his age.

About 6 in 10 voters believe the vice presidential candidates will be crucial this year, given Biden’s and Trump’s ages on election day.

These new numbers indicate a seven-point drop from the February poll, conducted after special counsel Robert Hur’s report described Biden as elderly with a “poor memory.”

When asked if their support for a candidate was motivated by opposition to the other, fewer than 3 in 10 Trump supporters said they were voting against Biden, while nearly half of Biden supporters said they were voting against Trump.

Voters expressed more trust in Trump than Biden regarding the economy and a range of financial issues, which included interest rates and job availability.

The poll also revealed growing optimism about the economy among swing-state voters. The percentage believing the economy is on the right track has increased by 6 points since October, from 26 % to 32 %.

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