WORST Defeat in 100 Years!

(DCWatchdog.com) – President Joe Biden is potentially facing the most significant defeat for a Democrat in Iowa in the last century, according to a new devastating poll.

The poll, conducted by the Des Moines Register/Mediacom, places former President Donald Trump ahead with a considerable margin of 50 to 32 percent over Biden, The Daily Mail reports.

This polling result suggests that if Biden secures only 32 percent of the vote in the upcoming November election, it would mark the lowest percentage for a Democrat since the 1924 general election, exactly 100 years ago.

Trump’s substantial lead in Iowa follows a guilty verdict by a Manhattan jury on charges of falsifying business records related to the Stormy Daniels case.

Interestingly, this conviction does not appear to deter his supporters and might even be bolstering his appeal, as indicated by the poll findings.

Donald Share, a 63-year-old voter from Iowa, expressed his unwavering support for Trump.

“His convictions on these charges are part of the reason my mind is made up. The more they try to get him out of the picture, the stronger they make him. I, for one, believe that the charges are bogus,” Share said.

Since his conviction, which included 34 counts weeks ago, Trump’s support in Iowa has slightly increased from a previous lead of 48-33 in February.

Trump had previously won Iowa with a margin of 53-45 in 2020, and his campaign is optimistic about a repeat performance in the forthcoming election.

Concurrently, Biden received a positive nod in a separate Marist/PBS/NPR poll just days before he is scheduled to debate Trump in Atlanta. This national poll shows the two candidates in a deadlock at 49 percent each.

This election cycle is notably marked by data indicating Trump’s reversal of historical trends and capturing unprecedented support among black voters.

However, Biden is facing challenges with key demographic groups that were essential to his previous coalition, including young and Hispanic voters.

Despite these challenges, Biden has implemented new executive measures aimed at eliminating student loan debt and creating new pathways to citizenship for individuals who entered the country illegally.

In Iowa, 81 percent of Biden’s supporters are firmly decided, demonstrating his ability to maintain a solid base.

However, his approval ratings in Iowa are low, with only 28 percent approval versus 67 percent disapproval.

Pollster Ann Selzer observed that the trend for Biden’s numbers is “consistently downward.”

The last victory for a Democrat in Iowa during a November election occurred in 2012, when Biden was Vice President to Barack Obama, following a previous win in 2008.

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