Will Trump Knock Elon Musk Out With This Move?

Former President Donald J. Trump

(DCWatchdog.com) – The news regarding social media has been about Elon Musk and Twitter for the past week.

However, Twitter is proving not to be the only game in town. At the top of Apple’s App Store has been former President Trump’s Truth Social.

Leading the new site is Devin Nunes, a former California Republican Congressman.

The new app has described itself as the better way to “give the American people their voice back.”

As he remarked to Newsmax, it is the new venue to make the internet a place of opportunity for more people.

Nunes also said, “It’s been an amazing success story so far, and we are having fun on the platform. We went through an extended beta test to make sure that we cannot be canceled, so we have the massive capability.”

According to Truth Social, it is bypassing many of the “woke” servers and being handled by Rumble.

Truth Social has been operating for a short time and went “fully open” this past weekend. Many were on a waiting list and are being channeled in quickly. Nunes quickly added that it’s “one of the fastest-growing social media companies in history.”

Nunes is confident that in a short time, Truth Social will be up with the big players of social media, including Instagram and Tik Tok. He also said that the new platform is not going to simply be a message board.

By late May, Nunes believes Truth Social will be available on practically any device and easily accessible. Trump was banned from Twitter, so he decided to create a new platform that would honor free speech and give all Americans the opportunity to be heard.

Nunes stated, “I had a perfectly good job in Congress, and Donald Trump had plenty of companies. We had no choice but to lead this effort.”

Nunes hopes that Elon Musk will make considerable changes to Twitter and wishes him well.

But for Nunes, Trump, and others, Truth Social is the platform they are focusing on making a success. He even said the platform name is open for change.