Why Was He Free To Do THIS?

Kurt Smith

(DCWatchdog.com) – Why in the world was a man who had been arrested 187 times and who had 16 felony convictions free to act in such a depraved way that he killed his mother and his mother’s companion?

What is happening in this country when so many convicts with serious criminal records walk the streets free to commit more heinous crimes that harm or kill innocent Americans.

When it comes to this case, the Burlington County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office with legal jurisdiction writes:

“Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina announced that a 63-year-old man who was found guilty of causing the deaths of his elderly mother and her companion in a 2018 Browns Mills house fire was sentenced today to 11 years in New Jersey state prison…

“Smith [Kurt Smith, the convict] is accused of igniting flammable material with a cigarette lighter in the garage of the residence on October 16, 2018, then unsuccessfully attempting to extinguish the blaze.

“The fire killed his mother, Lore Smith, and her companion, George Pikunis, both 92

“It was noted during today’s proceeding that Smith has been arrested 187 times and has 16 felony convictions.” [emphasis added]

He killed his mother and her companion. He’s been arrested 187 times. He has 16 felony convictions. And, even with that record, he gets 11 years in prison for each killing.

Something is seriously wrong with the criminal justice system in the United States of America.