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Whoopi Goldberg: ‘It’s Ok to Shoot White People’

(DCWatchdog.com) – As one television critic stated, “By now, Americans are used to idiotic statements and opinions from the co-hosts and guests who appear on ABC’s “The View.” But now we have one of the so-called stars of the show inciting racial violence at a time when, if anything, this country needs to calm down and come together racial and every other way imaginable.”

Who and what was the television critic addressing?

He was addressing Whoopi Goldberg’s latest and perhaps most inflammatory statement ever on “The View” when she told her co-hosts, along with the studio and television audience, that the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is sending the message that “it’s OK to shoot White people, too.”

Specifically, after several quotes were recited from the closing arguments in the trial, Whoopi said, “So the jury is deliberating as we speak. So I mean, how do you see this ending? I think it’s really a red light for white folks coming to help at social justice protests. Because basically what they’re saying is ‘Oh, it’s OK to shoot white people, too.'” [emphasis added by editor]

Please share your opinion about Whoopi Goldberg’s statement that the message from the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is that “it’s OK to shoot white people, too” by emailing [email protected]. Do you think that’s the message from the trial, or do you think Whoopi is wrong?

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