Who Paid Stacy Abrams THIS Much Money??

Stacey Abrams

(DCWatchdog.com) – High-profile Democrat Stacy Abrams, presently running for Governor of Georgia, has received unexplained massive cash payments from a “mysterious” firm with no online presence whatsoever.

A Fox News report reveals that Abrams has raked in sums totaling at least $150,000 from a publicly unknown limited liability company called “Dream Project Partners” – and it remains unclear what she was paid for.

Activist Stacey Abrams is the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial election nominee of the Democratic Party after running unopposed in the primary. She also ran for the same position unsuccessfully back in 2018.

In her latest financial disclosure, Abrams listed Dream Project Partners Inc. in several sections.

Those include “direct ownership interests in business entity,” where she listed herself as a “Board Member and Shareholder,” and “statement of income,” where she noted that she received from the little-known firm a total of $50,000 in 2021, and another $100,000 in 2022.

The form was filed early in the year, in March. The Georgia Democrat’s financial document states that she has no duties in the company.

She does note that Dream Project Partners deals with “developing a culturally competent technology platform for entrepreneurs.”

The mysterious firm, from which Stacy Abrams has received significant payouts, is only mentioned online in her financial disclosure and the business records of the state of Delaware, which say it was founded as a domestic corporation in June 2021.

Under its corporate secrecy rules, Delaware doesn’t require that firms provide the names of managers and members in their founding documents. Instead, entities can provide a “registered state agent.” In the case of Abrams’ company, that is Resident Agents Inc.

Earlier this year, Abrams described herself as a “Yale-trained tax attorney.” Her financial disclosure also lists her roles in other limited liability companies.

These include serving as a “managing member” of Davis Hall LLC, formerly known as Sela Technologies LLC, and being the owner of Hall Davis LLC, which deals with “general business.” She has an ownership stake of more than 5% in both.

Abrams’ present net worth is listed as $3.17 million, a huge increase compared with the net worth of only $109,000 that she reported the first time she ran for governor of Georgia four years ago.

“Because I had three years where I was in the private sector, I leveraged all three years, and in that time I’ve done my best to not only be successful personally,” Abrams told AP earlier this year.