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What Will Trump Do About This?

The day after former President Donald Trump’s acquittal by the U.S. Senate, the question ricocheting across the political universe is this: What will Trump do to get political revenge against the seven Republican Senators who voted with all of the Democrats to convict him?

The seven Republican Senators are:

  • Richard Burr of North Carolina
  • Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
  • Bill Cassidy of Louisianna
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
  • Ben Sasse of Nebraska
  • Susan Collins of Maine

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you were advising former President Trump, what would you tell him he should do, if anything, about the seven Republican Senators who voted to convict him? 


  1. PATTY says:


  2. Don Arterburn says:

    I suggest he IGNORE THEM, SUPPORT Any future republican running against them and most importantly, ENCOURAGE TERM LIMITS limits.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    I will speak my mind. I SUPPORT Trump but took me awhile to realize he was not going to beat this CONGRESS. Or the DOJ, or FBI,CIA. Due to fact he didn’t do what he should had done on day one! FIRED ALL OF OBAMA PEOPLE! If Obama can fired Bush leftover so can he fired Obama terrorist group! There are and still is people who could have replaced them. When he said he was going to lock up hillary he should done it! But his hands were tied behind his back by those OBAMA LEFTOVER! So if he run again he need to CLEAN OUT EVERY DEPT OF BIDEN! NO SECOND GUESSING HIMSELF! Even be sure to FIRED THE LYING DR. FAUCI!

  4. Larry austin says:

    President Trump will prevail and the 7 Republicans that desired his impeachment should never be elected to office again with no evidence found to their claims of protest in Capital by him as they judged Trump before the facts and will lose credibility in the Senate.

  5. Kendta says:

    For those of you from out of US dont be so quick to judge Trump. Without having to type a long explanation just know that Jan 6 was ANTIFA and a left wing PSY OP. I know many people that were close to Capitol and Ive seen many videos that dont make the crooked media that show who, what and how they made it look.

  6. Joan says:

    Trump did not do anything to Hillary for all her evil, deceiving ways at the beginning of his term. For all of little man joe’s words of unity and how he will stay out of it, he sure knew how to cause extreme disunity by his words.
    There were 1.5 million people who just were backing Trump in his quest for a free, fair election on January 6. Even Alaska & Hawaii were there. How could one man tell each how to behave? The point is how we loved how he loved America. The left does not show love for America even by any words. Equal rule of all does not apply in America any more because of the left. We cannot have free, fair elections because cheating is the left’s way. If we handled the election the way they did, that would never stand. The votes of 75 million people did not count. Covid was a mighty tool for the left. The left tried to take away our right to worship our God as we want because of covid. The left will not allow for the freedom of Bill of Rights gives us to assemble peacefully to state our grievances. It has been proven a few became criminals on January 6 but it was also proved antifa was there urging violence. (John Sullivan was let go free!) Our country is gone and the left is doing its best to take the 2nd Amendment. 98% of our “public servants” make life hell for the very few ones we can respect. The left is the most hateful bunch. They reason that we have to be in lockstep with them. It is hard to believe how insanely horrid they made life for our beloved Trump and his family.

  7. paul says:

    The lucky seven that voted to impeach won”t be so lucky when their net election comes around because their on the watch list and their days in office are numbered.

  8. June says:

    If Americans have any sense I hope they never vote for Trump again, anyway with all the talk about coming lawsuits he wiould not be eligble to run I wouldn’t think. As an Australian, looking at the videros of that out of control mob who attacked the Capitol on Jan 6th I can tell you the rest of the world is disgusted with their actions. Americans have lost a lot of respect around the world for the actions of thosr in that mob.

    • Bil says:

      As if anyone cares what an Australian thinks or says. Worry about your own contry and stay u of our business.

    • Dan Peters says:

      The difference between Australians and Americans is that we are willing to FIGHT for what we believe in. Not like the Australians that rolled over and gave up their guns. If your RIGHT, you must FIGHT.

  9. Susan Staley says:

    I hate these people now I find out that John Roberts is on the take as one of George Soros puppets. The stupid ass, get off of the Supreme Court stupid. No have President Trump kick him off and while he at it put George W Bush in jail for appointing Roberts knowing that Roberts was on the take from George Soros. How stupid. Put them all in jail for betrayal of America.

    • Dan Peter says:

      George Soros needs one of two things. A COMPLETE AND THOROUGH INVESTIGATION, if found guilty PRISON AND CONFISCATE ALL HIS ASSETS. If he is found innocent, EXPORT HIS ASS TO HUNGARY, They are chewing at the bit to have him back.

  10. Rosalia Bernstein says:

    Donnie needs to keep his FAT MOUTH SHUT for a change!!!
    He has PLENTY of legal mountains ahead of him to climb!!!
    ROTS of RUCK……..DONNIE!!!!

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      You one sick person! How about you keep your mouth shut? Did you VOTE DEMOCRAT? Why? Did you gain anything from them? The last twenty years? Or do you still depends on government handout? We can prove to you how stupid you are! One why do you support the democrat party? Two do you know what was in the 1968 bills these DEMONcrat pass under Johnson? Three did you know RACISM SYSTEMIC WAS STARTED BY DEMOCRAT? So you are the problem in your community if you are Black! Just as it poor white people who are the problem in their COMMUNITY! I don’t pick the candidate on their words! Because DEMOCRAT LIES! Who living in the million dollar MANSION?

    • Bill says:

      How about you take your own advice and spare us your ignorance

    • Gary says:

      You are obviously delusional and have no clue about what is wrong or right but I know one thing about your decision making is lacking knowledge and no research. Stupid is and stupid does. Fake news got a hold of your thinking.

    • Dan Peters says:

      DONNIE LIKE NASTY NANCY, CHUCKIE SCHUMER, MITCH MCCONNELL SHOULD ALL PRACTICE SILENCE. SPEECH IS SILVER AND SILENCE IS GOLD. I would hope that Trump goes after Nancy with civilian courts and sue for defamation plus other things. She is the single biggest POS To ever hold any office.

  11. Susan Staley says:

    You know what there is a RINO in California that wants to be Governor. His name is Pete Snyder, and he is big tech.
    No way Pete Snyder

  12. Susan Staley says:

    You know what I would do? Sue the hell out of each and every one of them.
    Or make it clear to each and every one of them, don’t ever run for anything again.

  13. Joyce says:

    I don’t know what Pres. Trump will choose to do about the seven. I was always taught “The more you handle shit, the more you get on you”. It takes a stronger person to walk away fom a fight sometimes. Pres. Trump is a far better person than they are and certainly far better than the ones who stole the election. He did far more for this Country in 4 short years than any.
    My advise is watch your back, watch the 7 and work on the future!!

    • Michael says:

      Fantastic comments Joyce, agree with you 100%! The u6million people who legitimately voted for President Trump hold the keys to fixing what is wrong with the current election processes. Eliminate reliance on Smartmatic and Dominion! We need to get involved in our primary and secondary education systems!

  14. Katrena says:

    He needs to focus on the primary election and let the voters take care of them. The Democrats have shit in their own nest. The people are watching and we are all tired of their arrogance. They all need a pay cut. Buy your own insurance and prepare for your retirement like all of us have to. Secure the border and give us back our JOB’S. A fair election would be nice with proper identification.

  15. Tausha Lunsford says:

    I believe he just needs to be sure the truth gets out about them. And then they will lose there seats next time cause they won’t be trusted.And I also think he should file a lawsuit against all who tried to get him impeached because it was unconstitutional and show all the proof.

  16. Becky says:

    People in those states have their opinion of who they want to represent them then on the other hand that may not be true from what I just wittinessed in the last elections sure they have made a name and place with the left !!! President Trump has every right to come out swinging and I will be right behind him every step of the way whatever he chooses I will wait and see what happens

  17. STEELMASON says:

    Pay very close attention to the seven, I believe they represent death to the American way of life.
    The seven intend destruction of the American spirit through pernicious means; their actions may seem arbitrary, haphazard, even non-directed, they are not.
    Should the republican party not see the light as they see & believe, then they will form a new front – – perhaps a new party or grouping or otherwise they will move to an existing platform (party) to fool more “useful idiots” into their beliefs.
    They represent “useful idiots” in the system they seek to destroy. Innocent or willing they believe they are serving the dumb masses; however, they do as they see fit, failing to honorably and dedicatedly serve those idiots they “represent” the dumb masses—ask Mr. Lenin, the more idiots that can be convinced / persuaded to believe, the greater this distortion of reality impacts America.
    Overcome them, increase our mass, find ways to bring focus on their failings. Historically the path they want to follow is full of failures. From your vantage you can increase our mass.

  18. Jim S. says:

    They all need to be voted out and teplaced with true constitutional believing republicans. Mitch needs replaced also.

  19. Mary A. Bell says:

    Vengeance usually leaves a destructive “bite-back” in the long run. Those seven Republicans who voted for impeachment will most likely be defeated at the polls or frozen out of the Republican party by the millions who have supported Trump’s policies. I was encouraged by Trump’s message. He did not talk about vengeance, but about moving forward to make America great again. That’s the way to go!

  20. Betty says:

    Do nothing. As previously said, what goes around comes around.
    God will take care of Trump.

  21. Get them out of the party. Send them to the demorats.

  22. President Trump 2024 time to clean the treasonous Democratic party out .and give them the treason that they deserve. That includes killery child molester Biden crackhead Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer. Many more

  23. Donna mcneill says:

    What goes around comes around. He doesn t have to do anything Karma coming

  24. I hope TRUMP will unleash hell on all of these SOB’S.

  25. Golda jeffers says:

    It’s very sad we elect our women and men to serve our country in the Congress and they can be trusted to vote as the people ask them to not as they want . There isn’t any honest politician to be elected anymore – golda

  26. Geneva Wilcox says:

    Those seven will get their karma, they wiil be voted out and 2 of them are leaving anyhow. I just hope we in Pa. get a good republican in place of idiot toomey!! They didn’t care about our Country, Our President Trump is the one who cares!!!!

  27. Holly Rose says:

    trump the chump should do absolutely nothing if he is smart which he isn’t as he Must have the lowest IQ of all the presidents we had. He better hold his temper and tongue and dare not speak disparagingly towards anyone especially towards the Democrats.

    • The only thing that your treasonous Democratic party deserves is treason. Nothing more nothing less .and they also should pay for there little terrorists destruction. Along with the buildings police departments houses. That there terrorist black lives matter burned down. So instead of blowing smoke out of your ass do some research before you talk

    • Lynda says:

      Its demonrats cant you see how unAmerican they are? The only way they win is to cheat. Years ago maybe they were ok, but not now. Pay attention.

  28. Lee says:

    I do not think he should seek revenge
    It is better to forgive & forget
    He is.a Religious person & I think he should start a new political party
    Based on the Bible & God and get rid of both the Democrats & the Republicans

  29. King Benson says:

    Move on!

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