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Videos: Lindsey Graham Accosted in DC Airport

Today, Sen. Lindsey Graham was accosted and harassed by Trump supporters while attempting to fly out of Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC.

Please watch the two videos below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


  1. Jose Cantu says:

    I agree. All Graham ever showed was all teeth and now bite. He was full of hot air – all promises and no action. I say recall him and send the bum back to the farm

    • Typical southerner, all smoke, no fire. Faux News things he is the messiah and go to him with all their questions. Just remember, never put a southerner in charge if you expect any timely results.

      • Linda Strain says:

        That is the most racist comment that I have ever heard!!!! I am born and raised in the south. What about the shitholes up North that are ran by Northeners? My son works in NJ outside NY it’s disgusting.

    • gls says:

      Exactly Graham is a snake in the grass always was and always will be.

      He plays both sides.

  2. James Hagan says:

    Stephen Cohen your a fool and must not be very smart or fluent in English writing skills! You one of the illegals who presses 1 for spanish or something lol! New comment buddy speak some more shit you have no clue about,idiot!

  3. Angie says:

    I have been the staunchest Lindsey supporter since the day he was the only one outraged over the Kavanaugh confirmation. Sent in a donation when he whined on Hannity about needing money.
    NEVER AGAIN!! Piece of shit. I hope every time he goes somewhere this is what happens. We need to get rid of them all except for Hawley and Cruz. The only two with the courage of their convictions. We must NOT forget this when their election cycle comes up. That is vital. We need to put any one up to run that is a conservative. Non-politicians. That has worked well in our President the last four years. My heart is broken for Trump. I will never get over this. Ever.
    We cannot let up. We cannot back down. We cannot give up.

    • Richard Meltz says:

      My heart goes out to President Trump He’s the only good thing that’s been in this whole Congress in this whole country in the last since Bill Clinton I mean they’ve we’ve had nothing but bad except for this last election with the President Donald Trump he was good for this country he brought it around and my heart goes out to him and his family and I I’m ashamed of vice president pence throwing him out of the bus along with the rest of the Republican party that has been so cruel and and Lindsey Graham Mitch O’Connell these guys where are they they’re not patriots I would I’m a Vietnam veteran and I would never ever be in a foxhole with anybody this cruel evil and Nancy pelosi especially whoever vandalized their house they didn’t they needed to finish the job because she’s a piece of s*** herself in

      • JJBob says:

        Your words are so true. I was in Vietnam and now I am seeing the same enemy today. Some have been the enemy for 50 years. Anybody remember Hanoi Jane!! She now running the House. And still bad mouthing the USA daily by both females. I have the answer. 2 term limit starting now. Second is you can not run for a Federal office without serving in the Military active duty for 3 years. No Reserves, National Guard. or favorites. Only serve Active Duty in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. No favorite jobs at all.
        Trumps dad made him go to a Military school. Better than none and I think his devotion for our Free Country cam from that.

    • Tracy Mallon says:

      You’ve just said everything the way I am feeling. My heart goes out to the greatest POTUS our nation has ever seen. This is so hard to get over. I’m still in shock I think. I’m full of anger and disbelief as well. He was robbed, and I just can’t believe all these people want to sell out our country and just simply go into this whole scam of an election blindfolded. All I can say is God help us. God Bless President Trump. He will always be my President. Evil has risen up from the swamp. I’m going to keep my Faith and trust in God. May God Bless us all. Keep your Faith…

  4. david porter says:

    Lindsey Graham deserves to know he deserted people who donated to keep him in office. One by one all the legislators who back away from supporting the president just slithered back into the swamp where they feel most comfortable.

  5. Wally says:

    This was pretty much cleaned up. You should have seen and heard the full video. Graham may need more body guards before he gets back to his home.

  6. Jim says:

    Mark Middleton says it BEST!!! The DEMOCRAP party is HISTORY and should be disbanded and OUTLAWED and the bastard democraps sent to Antarctica, but even the penquins don’t want the fuckers. Trump gave us the most even with his hands tied behind his back for 4 years by worthless witch hunter democraps who keep voting for COMMUNIST ideals that have failed. Trump WILL receive a minimum of 4 NOBEL prizes for peace between Israel & Bahrain, Israel & UAE and Israel & Sudan and Israel & Morocco and between Serbia & Kosovo. You WILL get your tax increase that CORRUPT Joe promised you, after Trump gave you tax cuts and reform. Trump WILL not go away. IF he can’t run in 2024, his son WILL and he WILL WIN. Korrupt Kamala will take over right after Joe pardons Hunter. The whole CORRUPT Biden family will live happily ever after, cause Jill needs a new mansion. I’m sick of fools voting for CORRUPTION & SOCIALIST/COMMUNISM. Now you have a 77 year old Alzheimer’s patient who can’t even remember if he took a shit today, let alone remember his wife’s name. You WILL be begging Trump to come back after Biden/ Korrupt Kamala finish flushing America down the toilet that Obama didn’t get on the first flush.


    • We have two worthless senators in South Dakota, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I hold my nose every time I vote for them. We just can’t seem to attract quality people to run for office.

  8. Virginia Cook says:

    He deserved every word!! He is a traitor and an asshole

  9. gaye parise says:

    Trump is a disgrace as a president, he was never mine. They stole the election 4 years ago and we waited to vote him out which we did! Wear your mask and stop killing people.

  10. Beverly says:

    Well if you can’t take the heat l——leave. Can’t hide in the office and make decisions without people thoughts and now you heard the thoughts

  11. texas tornado says:

    Graham is a piece of s***,always has been.

  12. Marguerite says:

    SCREW Lindsay graham!
    He sold us out!
    He is a traitor!
    He will get his just desserts!
    Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord!
    He is no CHRISTIAN!
    He will be judged for this!
    He has SOLD his soul!
    He will ROT with the devil!
    He has chosen his lot!
    God does not have mercy on someone who has sold his soul to Satan!!!

  13. Holly Rose says:

    Graham is a waffler. You’d think he was a Geminian but what did Jesus say spit out the luke warm? Not a bible reader but words to that effect. America is polarizing.

  14. Bruce Wooden says:

    Hey steve cohen, go f#ck yourself! Liberal bastard!!!

  15. Oscar Cooks says:

    could someone remind them that they are racist bigits not republicans or do they know what republicans are,sad day in America.

  16. Donna mcneill says:

    We will never forget how you went against president trump..and the people of the USA TRUSTED YOU. AS I SAID you will protect your friend biden and all the hunter biden things will be swept under the rug. We will never forget what a trader you really are. The best is yet to come.

  17. Stephanie Mishoe says:

    We will not forget that Lindsey Graham sold us out!! Spread far and wide so we can send him home. We don’t need cowards like him and the rest of them!

    • Stephen Cohen says:

      Screw TRUMP that narcissist pathological liar that is the worst president the United States has ever had!

      • Bernard Clark says:

        Yeah you’ll be saying that when you’re pay checks start getting smaller.
        All you idiots that bought into the Democratic BS are really going to REGRET the choice you made. Biden is a POSER for what is really happening. You’re a f—–g Idiot

  18. mark middleton says:

    As with the rest of those republicNs who dropped our President like a hot potato, spineless no good arseholes, even an ass hole has more use than those worthless crettins
    President trump should form a new Party, the Trump Party, he would immediately have 75 m followers and subscribers and get rid of those rats forever, free loading bastards, all of them!!!!

    • Stephen Cohen says:

      Screw TRUMP that narcissist pathological liar that is the worst president the United States has ever had!

      • Audie M Jordan says:

        No, you just re-elected the worst again, Obama. You will have Obama 3,4,5. Then you will have nothing.

    • Catherine says:

      You are right they wanted his help to fix the country and when they did not like him cleaning out the swamp they decided to stab him in the back. They tried to buy him and couldn’t , they tried to threaten him and he laughed at them so they had to cheat and pretend to be on his side then walked away. I hope it is worth it , because they will have all true Americans after them always . God will make them all pay. They have forgotten that God is the Almighty One and he created the heavens and the earth and he can decide what punishment befits their crimes, remember Vengeance is mine said the Lord !!!

    • Bernard Clark says:

      We need to make sure the Biden’s suffer

      • Sally Draper says:

        Biden is worthless a crook has a crime family. He is the worst. President Trump was the best ever. What they did to him and this country is frightening. We will not stop fighting for president trump. We need the answers to the fraudulent election but was fraud corruption and lying stealing. How are we so stupid they had this planned for years We are left with the most disgusting in this country. Cruz Hawley maybe they will run for president and Vice President if president trump decides not to. Graham pence pieces of shit.

  19. Theresa says:

    It never is a surprise to me when the political cowards bail out and NOT stand their ground. The GOP has lost their back bone and Constitutional integrity. PC is the new cancer in this country. Our Constituional Republic will not survive the Communist/Marxist left. Thanks to the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama and Soros. Like a cancer, all 4 have, by design, brought this country down. Too many people were asleep at the wheel. Lindsey is a typical wind vain politician. They turn as the wind blows.

    • Stephen Cohen says:

      Screw TRUMP that narcissist pathological liar that is the worse president the United States has ever had!

      • K.K. Farr says:

        Could the troll quit copying and pasting? Either add new thought to the conversation or leave. Being a troll, leaving is a grand idea.

        • Tracy Mallon says:

          LoL. I know exactly who you are referring too. I was thinking the same thing. You just made me laugh, and I needed that! Man that is so annoying!

  20. Kathy Hanson says:

    He is lucky he was not physically attacked. He should leave the country. He does not deserve to be called an American. To think that this pig will be getting a salary for the rest of his life, while good Americans go hungry, is a disgrace.

  21. juan robledo says:

    What did Lindsey Graham think, he was getting a pass on his comments, this will be his last term, traitor in disguise, Lindsey should just resign

    • Stephen Cohen says:

      Screw TRUMP that narcissist pathological liar that is the worse president the United States has ever had!

      • Virginia says:

        Biden will be the worst president he is a dope and doesn’t now that he is not running for senator! Trump tried to do what was good for the country You must be a Fake News watcher!

      • Breaker 19 says:

        Biden is the most unqualified person ever elected as President. Trump is the most qualified.
        Biden says he will mandate 100 day of mask wearing for the entire country. he will open the borders, let everyone come in illegally. Can you see the hordes of people coming across to get the free goodies, healthcare, schooling, food stamps, housing, all at the expense of the taxpayers. The drugs will be coming over by the truck loads,gangs like MS-13 will be coming by the thousands, higher corporate taxes will make the factories leaving taking jobs with them. Unemployment will go through the roof. American made products will be a thing of the past. Everything will have a label, “made in China” on it. The Democrats will be so proud of him

        • Tracy Mallon says:

          Everything you’ve just stated is true! I just can’t comprehend how anyone would want this to happen!? We are screwed. This is the most frightening of times.
          President Trump is the best POTUS we ever had. A true Patriot. We need to band together. Term limits on these treacherous career politicians. Do as maxy waters wants! Stop them, tell them we don’t want them here! Get in their faces! Scream at them, and disrupt their daily lives, just like they did us, just like she wants and what she said to do ! Give them all a taste of their own medicine. And pray. We must keep our Faith. Believe God will see us through this evilness that has risen from the swamp! God Bless President Trump and God Bless the true Patriots. Stay strong and stay united!

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