VIDEO: White Liberal Lectures Conservative Blacks

United States Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)

( –  “The View” co-host Joy Behar has declared that black Republicans – such as US Senator Tim Scott – don’t understand “systemic racism” and what it means to be black in America.

You can watch the video of Behar at the bottom of this post.

Behar, a TV personality who is a well-known liberal leftist, is from a Roman Catholic family of Italian origin.

Her comments came as a reaction to the 2024 presidential candidacy announced by Republican US Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Scott is the only black GOP senator. In his announcement speech, he insisted the US was not a racist country and blasted the radical left for claiming otherwise.

In her remarks, Joy Behar compared Scott to US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“He’s [Scott] one of these guys who, you know – he’s like Clarence Thomas – black Republican who believes in pulling yourself by your bootstraps, rather than – to me – understanding the systemic racism that African-Americans face in this country – and other minorities,” the TV personality stated.

“He doesn’t get it, and neither does Clarence. And that’s why they are Republicans,” Behar added.

Her quip was met with laughter and applause in the studio of the ABC program “The View.”

Even though he was bundled up with Scott as a “Republican,” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is technically only a conservative, not a GOP member.

Social media abounded with posts calling out Behar, a liberal leftist white woman, for attacking conservative black men, Fox News reports.

“Joy, dressing up as a Black woman for Halloween with dark paint on your face doesn’t magically make you Black or make you an expert on what it’s like to be Black. From one Black person to another White liberal who got a pass for wearing Black face, sit this one out,” he wrote in response to a clip of Behar,” tweeted Republican US Rep. Byron Donalds.

He was referring to old Halloween photos of Behar that resurfaced in 2019.

“Attention black Americans: don’t even *think* about having a mind of your own or else this wealthy white lady will come for you,” wrote Scott Jennings, a senior CNN commentator, in response to a clip of Behar’s remarks.

Here is the video: