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Video: Trump and John Boehner Are At War

If the Republican Party is going to unify and take back the Senate and win the House next year, John Boehner may need to consider the words he’s throwing at Donald Trump. After all, the majority of Republicans still believe Trump is the head of the party and the one who can lead them to victory.


Former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Monday said the “unemployed” former President Trump has nothing better to do than stir up trouble following his departure from Washington,” according to The Hill.

“‘Here’s a guy who’s unemployed, has nothing else to do but cause trouble. And clearly, it’s obvious to me that he’s not going away,’ Boehner said on “The View.” [emphasis added]

Boehner was asked by co-host Sara Haines when the GOP “wake-up call” was coming, given that many current elected Republican officials refuse to condemn the former president’s false claims about 2020 election fraud which Trump repeated at a gathering of Republican National Committee (RNC) officials over the weekend.

“‘The president abused the loyalty and the trust that voters had placed in him by perpetuating this noise,’ Boehner said, adding that it was one of ‘the sadder things I’ve seen in the last 40 years in politics.'” [emphasis added]

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