VIDEO: RFK’s Shocking Border Expose

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

( – Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted a shocking social media video exposing illegal aliens crossing the Southern Border that he filmed.

You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

RFK Jr., an environmental lawyer challenging President Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, filmed himself discussing the situation with illegal aliens seen in the background.

He said he made the video at about 2 am, at a section of the unfinished US-Mexican border wall near Yuma, Arizona.

RFK Jr., the son of assassinated former US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of assassinated US President John F. Kennedy, has previously slammed Biden for allowing the influx of millions of illegal immigrants through the Southern Border.

“In 3 years, seven million people have come across the border illegally into our country… Altogether, people have come across right here from 117 nations in the last couple of years,” Kennedy said in the two-minute video.

He recounted he and his team witnessed the arrival of about 150 migrants and interviewed many of them.

The arrivals he saw were from various parts of the Third World – West Africa, Peru in South America, and much of Asia – Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, India, China, Tibet, and Nepal.

“From here, they are put on these busses, and they are brought to the Border Patrol station where they are processed. After four or five days, they are released on their own recognizance, and most of them are never seen or heard from again,” RFK Jr. said.

He blamed the Biden administration for sending the entire world the message that the US now had open borders for anyone, thus causing a humanitarian disaster.

“The stories that we heard from these people are absolutely heartbreaking. This is a humanitarian crisis because of the understanding across the globe that we now have an open border here. There are people being drawn here. They are being abused. There’s all kinds of just horrific, terrible, terrible stories,” the anti-Biden Democrat said.

“This is not a good thing for our country and it’s not a good thing for these people. And it is unsustainable,” RFK Jr. concluded.

Here is the video: