VIDEO: Rand Paul Calls Pelosi-Schumer Spending Bill an ‘Abomination’

( – As the United States Congress prepared to jam through a $1.7 trillion, 4,000-page omnibus spending bill that no one has had time to read and consider in a deliberate manner, United States Senator Rand Paul denounced the process and the bill itself as an “abomination.”

You can watch the video of Paul’s remarks at the end of this post.

According to Paul:

“I brought with me the Omni – 4,155 pages. When was it produced? In the dead of the night – 1:30 in the morning when it was released. Now people argue that it’s conservatives’ fault. If you don’t have the Christmas spirit, somehow you’re holding up the government. Well, whose job is it to produce this? The people in charge of spending. The people in charge of both of the parties. When did they know that this would be necessary? Well, it’s in the law, September 30th. You got nine months — almost ten months — to produce a plan. To have a spending plan. They weren’t ready on September 30th, so they voted themselves 90 more days. They weren’t ready last week either, so they voted themselves another week. And now we have it at 1:30 in the morning, this morning…This process stinks. It’s an abomination. It’s a no-good, rotten way to run your government…We’re standing up, and we’re going to say NO.”

Here is the video of Paul’s complete statement: