VIDEO: Popular GOP Governor Preparing To Run for President?!?

Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan

( – There’s not much question that Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan is exploring the possibility of a run for the 2024 presidency.

Hogan, a cancer survivor who will be term-limited out of his current office come January, has done what few Republicans have done — win two terms as a Republican governor in a deep blue Democrat state.

Over the weekend, Hogan appeared on CNN and was asked about his future plans.

You can watch the video clip below.

After first discussing immediate plans for several conferences and meetings, Hogan was pushed by the show moderator to address the possibility of a presidential run.

Hogan’s response seemingly indicated that given the poor showing by Republicans in last week’s midterm elections, he is considering a presidential run more than ever.

According to Hogan:

“I’ve been saying since 2020 that we have to get back to a party that appeals to more people, that can win in tough places like I’ve done in Maryland. And I think that lane is much wider now than it was a week ago.”

Here is the video clip:

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