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Video Played at Senate Trial

Here is a copy of the video (see below) the House Impeachment Managers (acting as prosecutors) played at the Senate Impeachment Trial of former President Donald Trump today. You can judge the veracity of the video for yourself. DC Watchdog is presenting it so that Americans can see for themselves what was presented and not rely on mainstream media news sources.

After watching the video, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe this is an accurate depiction of what took place on January 6th in Washington, DC, or do you believe it has been created in a biased manner against Trump?


  1. Judy Robery says:

    This video has been doctored! It’s not an accurate picture of what really happened on Jan 6, 2021!
    We have to find a way to stop these lies and deceit by the liberals! Our country is in danger if this continues!!

  2. there is no behavior or statement from President Trump that encourages or suggests anyone to “storm the capitol nor to commit violence. this is not the entire video. I previously saw a video where Pres Trump clearly stated the protest to be peaceful and no violence.

  3. Joan says:

    If people do not see America is not the America that we have cherished any more; if they cannot see we no longer enjoy freedom of speech, freedom to even peacefully assemble to state our opinions, freedom to vote and have our votes count, freedom to have rule of law apply equally — then they do not know we are now like any third rate dictatorship. We will lose more with bought and sold Joe, others more evil than he really calling the shots. It is the perfect storm with evil ruling America — Soros, Romney, Biden, Nancy, other “public servants”, big tech, celebrities, media — all in concert. It is because America in general does not worship God and darkness embraced. If each of us does not turn to Jesus, we will rot also. He is the only anchor in the sunk ship now. He is coming soon. God promises to pour out His wrath on anyone who does not worship Him like He is worthy. God tells us in the Bible every knee will bow to Jesus and Jesus will set up His kingdom. This is all His story. God promises there will be a one world government, a rule of evil, diseases globally rampant, every economy destroyed, a mark on each who want to buy or sell. His truth is the only truth that matters. He still has a plan for each of us. Know Jesus, know peace.

  4. Janet Holley says:

    Show the actual timing of Antifa already at the Capitol and Prestdent Trumps speech.How many Antifa members were identified by FBI inside the Capitol? Show the tweets from Twitter Antifa bragging about doing this.Staged

  5. Becky says:

    I don’t believe anything that the Dems say or show I have no respect for someone that has to steal and Rob and lie and cheat to get what they want and that is just a sample of the work they do it don’t get no better either We are now the laughing stock of the world Makes you look forward to tomorrow don’t it ?

  6. Holly Rose says:

    Without a doubt trump must be tried in a court of law for inciting this riot. I heard with my very own ears trump in the video above telling people to “fight like hell” That is not what you tell a mob. trump was encouraging these anarchist to be destructive. This also proves that we must do away or modify the first amendment and make attending protests illegal and a death penalty. Keep your opinions to yourself and keep your damned mouth shut and learn to live with whatever you dislike. trump is despicable, disgusting and deranged. Maybe he should be committed to an asylum rather imprisoned. Whatever he needs to be put away. Thank goodness we have Biden now a true gentleman honest and forthright.

    • John says:

      Holly Rose you need some old fashion etiquette. You need to get the democrats ass off of your head.

    • Robert says:


      You sound like a hypocritical socialist telling everyone else to shut their mouths when you just rampantly flap your gums, sounds like you think that ONLY YOU are entitled to an opinion, you sound like AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and that Omar creep rolled into one.

    • ee says:

      Where have you seen biden be honest & forthcoming? A gentleman? Maybe you should look at what biden has done in his first few days. Out of hate for Trump biden has killed thousands of Americans jobs. What are they going to do now? Plus letting in thousands of people with no jobs, no housing. Ask Georgia if he has been honest with them. He bribed thousands to vote for the dems with as soon as he was in office $2000 checks would be coming out to the people. First of all I think that it is bribery and against the law. Just take a good look at all biden has done to kill this country in a matter of a few weeks….Trumps did more good for this country than any other president had in 50 years. You can look that up also…………

    • Barbara Bradshaw says:

      You just took that remark out of context! That’s what is wrong now. Yes he did say that but you didn’t add what he said next. Hatred doesn’t hurt the other person but it surely is going to hurt you and your reputation.

  7. It was a set up. By the Democratic party to block trumps chances of ever becoming president again. In which I bet crackhead Nancy Pelosi and child molester Biden set everything up along with chuck Schumer terrorist loving Obamas ass scratcher

    • John says:

      Nancy Puslosie made the phone call that set everything in motion when she walked away.

    • Robert says:


      Thank you for the clarity in which you see reality.

      I feel sorry for that delusional socialist Holly, she believes in destroying the 1rst amendment and thinks that Joe is such a great guy. That is just too bad that anyone could be so oblivious.

      Then there is slime like George Soros who wants to be king of the world.

      I was in the Navy and saw a big enough piece of the planet and if Holly saw a fraction of what I saw maybe she could pull her head out.

      I think she should face the reality of your perceptions.

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