VIDEO: Pelosi Slams Trump’s Plan To Run Again

Nancy Pelosi

( – Reacting to the quickly spreading news that former President Donald J. Trump has decided to run for the presidency again in 2024, United States House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was dismissive of Trump.

So dismissive that she even refused to say Trump’s name.

You can watch the video of Pelosi a bit further down this post.

Specifically, a reporter at a press conference stated to Pelosi, “Trump has indicated that he plans to announce a 2024 run in the next month or so. What impact would that have on the midterms, and would it benefit Democrats?”

Pelosi responded:

“Do I ever even mention his name? Would I even waste my time talking about him? What I will say is, and I’ll say this, and I’ve said it again and again, Democrats have absolutely no intention of losing the House in November. And the Senate, too. We are mobilized. We are fortified. We have great candidates. And our country is at risk. Democracy is at risk.

“But what we are campaigning on is the kitchen table issues that affect America’s working families, so they know the difference between a Democratic and Republican administration…I don’t speculate on who’s running in 2024, even if it’s the former occasional occupant of the White House…”

Here is the video of Pelosi:

Currently, all polls indicate the Democrats will lose the House and Senate in the midterm elections in November.