VIDEO: Nikki Slams Congress

( – 2024 Republican presidential nomination hopeful Nikki Haley blasted the United States Congress because bipartisan stopgap legislation that averted a government shutdown at the last minute contained no military aid for Ukraine, which is fighting off an invasion by Russia.

You can watch a video of Haley at the bottom of this post.

The continuing resolution passed on Saturday by the House of Representatives secured the US government’s funding for 45 days. It was adopted in a 335-91 vote, with one Democrat and 90 Republicans voting against it.

The bill proposed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) didn’t include funds for Ukraine, which was invaded by Moscow in a full-scale attack almost 20 months ago, even though similar legislation featured aid for the Ukrainians, The Hill notes in a report.

“The reality is Republicans and Democrats, all of them, have been spending taxpayer dollars in a ridiculous way. They just take a budget from last year, add more to it, and keep going,” GOP presidential nomination candidate Nikki Haley told Fox News on Sunday.

“So the false narrative of ‘We can either pay for certain things or Ukraine’ is wrong,” What Ukraine is is national security. I would put the blame on Joe Biden,” she added.

Haley, a former US ambassador to the UN and former South Carolina governor, stressed the president was supposed to make the case about why anything was funded.

“Joe Biden has done a horrific job of really explaining to the American people and making it transparent of where this money goes… The fact that this is actually going to prevent war, the fact that this is only 3.5%… our national defense budget,” the 2024 GOP nomination candidate said.

“This goes back to 11 European countries who are spending more than us. But what is this going to? It’s going to weapons, it’s going to replenish our stockpile. It’s going to make sure Ukraine has what they need. And it’s going to make sure that if they win, this is not another win for Russia or China, but it’s preventing war so that it doesn’t go into Poland and other NATO countries,” Haley elaborated.

The Hill points out her response countered Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) allegations that helping Ukraine would mean borrowing from China.

According to the former US ambassador, a win for Putin’s Russia in Ukraine would be a significant victory for its ally, Communist China.