VIDEO: Murder Spree Leaves Trail of Dead and Wounded

( – In Northern California, a horrific series of violent crimes unfolded that led to the death of three individuals and left several others wounded.

Authorities describe the attacks as seemingly random.

A video of the suspect is further down this post.

Shortly after 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, a man from San Jose, identified as Kevin Parkourana, 31, is accused of stabbing another man and taking his car. CBS News reported that the victim was critically injured but was later stabilized after being taken to a hospital.

Following this, Parkourana is said to have driven the stolen car to a shopping center, where he reportedly stabbed a second person during another carjacking. The victim was seriously injured but was also later stabilized.

As Parkourana tried to leave a Target store’s parking lot, he is reported to have hit a third pedestrian and later a fourth, whom he also allegedly stabbed, according to CBS.

Witnesses later reported seeing him at an intersection where he allegedly ran into three more pedestrians, two of whom died on the spot. Additionally, it was reported that he struck an individual riding a motorized scooter.

At about 4:30 p.m., another stabbing was reported, this time in the parking lot of a grocery store in Milpitas. Unfortunately, the victim of this attack succumbed to his injuries and died, while the suspect was reported to have escaped from the location.

Parkourana was eventually discovered concealed in a nearby neighborhood. He was apprehended without any further trouble and is currently in police custody.

During a press conference on Friday, the police disclosed that Parkourana has a criminal history with several prior convictions and was on probation when these incidents occurred. The investigation into these violent events is ongoing, but initial findings suggest the attacks were random.