VIDEO: Mexico Displays What?!

( – Weeks after a whistleblower told the United States Congress the United States has alien spacecraft and biological material, a hearing in Mexico’s legislature featured the presentation of fossilized bodies of alleged extraterrestrial beings.

You can watch a video of what was displayed at the bottom of this post.

The bodies of two alleged “aliens” placed in glass cases were shown to Mexican lawmakers at a special session on Wednesday by Jaime Maussan, a journalist and UFO scientist.

Maussan told the Mexican Congress that the “alien” mummies were 1,000 years old and were found in Cusco, a city in Southeast Peru in South America, in 2017, Euronews reports.

“These specimens are not part of the evolution of our world. They were not recovered from a UFO scrap. They were found fossilized in a diatom moss mine,” the UFO specialist told the legislators in Mexico City as he testified under oath.

According to Maussen, the “alien corpses” were analyzed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The UNAM scientists thus managed to get DNA samples and use applied radiocarbon testing to determine their age.

The report notes that the fossils were covered with a layer of sand despite undergoing intensive examination.

Maussen insisted that the public was entitled to know the truth about extraterrestrial beings and their technologies.

“We are not alone in the vast universe, we need to accept this reality,” the UFO expert declared.

However, posts on X about his presentation were accompanied by fake news alerts saying that the claims the remains found in 2017 in Peru were alien had been debunked, with scientists concluding they were “forged” out of human remains from Native American mummies.

The hearing at the Mexican Congress also featured former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves, the whistleblower who told the US Congress in July that the US government had “alien” spacecraft and “biologics.”

In comments on X, Graves distanced himself from the alleged “alien corpses” shown by Maussen.

“After the US Congressional UFO hearing, I accepted an invitation to testify before the Mexican Congress hoping to keep up the momentum of government interest in pilot experiences with UAP. Unfortunately, yesterday’s demonstration was a huge step backwards for this issue,” the US whistleblower wrote.

“My testimony centered on sharing my experience and the UAP reports I hear from commercial and military aircrew through ASA’s witness program. I will continue to raise awareness of UAP as an urgent matter of aerospace safety, national security, and science, but I am deeply disappointed by this unsubstantiated stunt,” Graves added.

Here is the video: