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Video: Hero Cop Kills a Cop Killer

If you want to see a hero cop in action, watch the video below. Not only did he get back up and reengage in the gunfight after being shot, but he also killed his assailant – a man who’d killed another police officer.


As described by Fox News, “A New Mexico police officer got back up and returned fire after being shot by the alleged killer of a state trooper, newly released lapel-camera footage shows.

“The video, which was posted online, shows Las Cruces police officer Adrian De La Garza perform a pit maneuver while pursuing a suspect who earlier in the year allegedly killed New Mexico state police trooper, Darian Jarrott, during a traffic stop, KFOX 14 reported.

“De La Garza is seen shot by suspect Omar Felix Cueva and falling to the ground, but he quickly gets up and continues firing at Cueva until he reaches the suspect’s car. Cueva was killed during the shootout with officers.”

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