Video: Biden Finally Says THIS After 13 Months In Office

President Joe Biden

( – It only took 13 months of sitting in the Oval Office at the White House for President Joe Biden to finally step before cameras just moments ago and acknowledge the escalating price of gasoline, along with the escalating cost of everything else, has Americans very angry.

[You can watch the video of Biden a bit further down this post]

So, after 13 months, Biden says he’ll do something about the price of gas and the supply chain crisis that continues to plague American businesses and consumers.

What’s he going to do?

He says he’ll “work like the devil.”

Whoa. After 13 months as president Biden finally realizes the job requires someone who’ll “work like the devil” on issues Americans care about? One would think he’d know that going into the job.

Specifically, as you’ll see in the video below, Biden told the gathered media:

“I’m gonna work like the devil to bring gas prices down. Which I’m gonna work to make sure that we keep strengthening the supply chains that bring the cost of energy and everything else and the goods that come to America down. By helping the ports 24/7. By changing a whole range of things. You know, what’s happened with Covid, Covid has caused significant increase in prices in the supply chain.”

This mumbled and jumbled statement after 13 months in office.

Something tells us Biden’s pollsters must’ve just shown him how badly Democrats will get blown out in November because Americans are fed up with working harder only to have less buying power. So, now he’ll “work like the devil.”