US Military Attacks

( – In a new sign that the simmering tensions in the Middle East aren’t going anywhere, the US military has taken action by striking an Iraq base of Iran-backed terrorists, a retaliatory move after earlier the pro-Iranian forces attacked American troops there.

US forces conducted a significant military operation in Iraq, targeting a militant base with an AC-130 gunship.

This action was a direct response to an attack on American troops by Iranian-backed groups earlier in the week, marking the latest in a series of reciprocal engagements in the region, The Hill reports, citing the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

CENTCOM confirmed on X the AC-130 strike led to multiple casualties among the terrorists.

This strike was executed as a retaliation to a missile attack targeting US positions at the al-Asad Airbase in Iraq on Monday.

Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh provided further details to reporters, stating that the earlier Iranian-backed militant attack resulted in several minor injuries among US troops and inflicted some damage to the compound.

Singh also noted that the militants were swiftly identified, largely due to the presence of the AC-130 gunship in the air at the time, which was able to pinpoint the site of the missile launch.

The Pentagon’s recent figures reveal that US forces have faced 66 attacks in the Middle East since October 17.

These incidents include 32 attacks in Iraq and 34 in Syria. Additionally, US troops have encountered hostilities with Iranian-backed Houthi militants in the vicinity of Yemen.

The current tensions in the Middle East exploded after, on October 7, the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group Hamas, another Iran proxy, invaded US ally Israel and massacred over 1,400 people.

Excluding the missile attack on Monday, the Pentagon reports that 62 American service members have sustained injuries, all of which have been minor.

The US has conducted four retaliatory strikes against Iranian-backed targets, including three in Syria.

The Biden administration, however, is facing scrutiny over the alleged ineffectiveness of its deterrence strategies in the Middle East as Iranian-backed groups are capitalizing on the regional unrest.

Addressing this issue, Singh stated on Tuesday that the US is decisively confronting these militant groups.

“We are hitting them where it hurts,” she declared, adding the US military is targeting and completely destroying weapons storage facilities, rendering them unusable.

She expressed confidence in the strategic selection of these targets by the US military.