Ultra-Lib Mayor on the Chopping Block – RECALL Underway!

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a new sign that even pro-Democrat Americans get fed up with the left’s pro-crime policies, the ultra-liberal Mayor of Oakland, California, Sheng Thao, now faces a recall because of the stupendous crime wave that has gripped the city since she took office.

Thao is embroiled in a recall election scheduled for November, following a notable increase in crime across the city since her inauguration, reports The San Francisco Chronicle, cited by The Daily Caller.

The campaign to recall Mayor Thao, aptly named “Recall Sheng Thao,” successfully amassed over 40,000 signatures, thereby surpassing the requisite 25,000-signature threshold as verified by the city clerk’s office.

The year 2023 saw a dramatic escalation in criminal activity in Oakland—a year marked by the absence of a police chief—which culminated in a 44% surge in motor vehicle thefts, a 38% increase in robberies, a 21% rise in violent crime, and a 17% overall hike in crime rates.

The recall proponents contend, “[Thao] created a public safety crisis by systematically dismantling the Oakland Police Department, leading to the city’s reputation as one of the most dangerous in America.”

“Lives have been lost, property destroyed, businesses have shut down, and fear and collective trauma are daily occurrences for Oaklanders. We, the concerned citizens, therefore, demand your recall for the sake of our city’s future,” the recall initiative adds.

In response to alleged mishandlings of investigations into a police vehicle involved hit-and-run and an officer’s weapons discharge, Thao dismissed Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong following his administrative leave.

The recall group criticized this action as baseless, referencing an arbitrator’s report that absolved him from allegations of misconduct.

Now a candidate for city council, Armstrong has described the conditions in the city as “embarrassing.”

“Your unjust termination of Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong resulted in a surge of serious and violent crimes,” the recall group articulated further accusing her of reneging on her commitments.

“You failed to keep your promise to appoint a new police chief or declare a state of emergency. In short, you lack the competency, credibility, judgment and ability to lead what was once a great American city,” it said further.

In the 2022 elections, Thao was elected with 50.3% of the vote, championing a progressive agenda that included police reform, combating “environmental racism,” and maintaining legal access to abortion.

Concurrently, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price is also facing a recall election, stimulated by her police reform initiatives.

Price, who also ran in 2022, has recently been implicated in a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a former spokesperson.

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