UFC Star Praises Trump

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a YouTube video, a UFC star shared some kind words about Donald Trump after they met up in Vegas.

In the video, Sean Strickland said, “Actually a really solid guy. I didn’t know if I would like Donald Trump but … [he’s] really authentic, really authentic. Yeah, really nice. You know, I think that I need to run a rally for Trump.” This came after he suggested the idea of leading a rally for Trump, having been impressed by their first meeting.

Strickland highlighted what he sees as the positive vibe of Trump’s approach, contrasting it with what he perceives as the divisiveness of the Biden campaign. “I love the people. I feel like Trump’s people are my people, you know? Like, I love the people. What I like about Trump, though, there’s no boogeyman. There’s no … at his rallies, it’s America first. But there’s no black vs. white, there’s none of that. All he says is we’re Americans and that’s something I really fucking find refreshing. Because you go with Biden and … every time Biden talks it’s black vs. white, it’s this vs. that. It’s just nice to be reminded that we’re all Americans.”

Despite his praise, Strickland was clear about his voting history, saying, “Here’s the thing, dude. I’m not saying I’d vote for Trump in the primaries you guys. I like the Trumpster but … I’m not saying that I voted for him the primaries but, you know, if he gets the nominee, Trump 2024.”

Strickland has been known for his outspoken views, especially against what he calls the ‘woke agenda’ and his criticism of corporate Canadian media.

He respects Trump’s achievements while acknowledging his humanity. “You should always respect a man’s accomplishments, but you should never forget he’s just a man. And when it comes to Trump, Trump is just a man. We’re all just men. But he’s accomplished a lot and that is respectable.”