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Twitter Suspends Antifa Accounts

Twitter has suspended several popular Antifa accounts with more than 71,000 followers combined following Inauguration Day riots,” according to the New York Post.

At least four accounts tied with the militant group have been yanked offline — @JewishWorker, @RevAbolition, @RevAbolitionNYC and @TheBaseBK, the account for the anarchist center in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

“Archived web pages of the accounts show they shared more than 71,000 followers and dated as far back as 2012…

Members of Antifa — the far-left radical group behind numerous riots in recent months — ransacked the streets of Seattle the night of President Biden’s inauguration, smashing up the historic Starbucks and burning an American flag.” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, please go to the New York Post.

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