Tulsa Hospital Mass Murderer Identified

Michael Louis

(DCWatchdog.com) – HAPPENING NOW: Just moments ago, the man who walked into a Tulsa, Oklahoma, medical facility and killed four people before killing himself late yesterday afternoon was identified as Michael Louis.

Louis was angry that a recent surgery had not corrected his back pain, so he bought a rifle yesterday, proceeded to the medical building, and killed his surgeon and three other people.

As the Washington Post recounts based on the Tulsa, Oklahoma police:

“The gunman who killed four people at a Tulsa hospital on Wednesday blamed a doctor at the facility for ongoing pain after back surgery and vowed to kill him and anyone who got in his way, police said Thursday.

“Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin told reporters that Michael Louis bought an AR-15-style weapon about an hour before the attack, killing St. Francis Hospital doctors Preston Phillips and Stephanie Husen. The other two victims were identified as William Love, a patient, and Amanda Glenn, a receptionist.” [emphasis added]

Police indicate there is evidence of preplanning by Louis.

“Authorities said they recovered 37 bullet casings at the hospital — 30 from the AR-15-style rifle and seven from the handgun. Franklin told reporters that police recovered a letter the gunman had on him detailing how he was ‘killing Dr. Phillips and anyone who came in his way.’” [emphasis added]

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